What we do

Wildlife Rehabilitation of Daytona Beach, Inc. takes in orphaned and injured native Florida wildlife with the goal of returning each animal to the wild.  We take in hundreds of animals each year. We provide food, housing and medical care. We are currently a home-based rehab group. At any given time, we have between 50-100  animals in care.

  • Provide Medical care to injured wildlife Thanks to our wonderful vet, All Creatures Vet Clinic in SouthDaytona for seeing the wildlife and donating their valuable time.
  • bullet Feed and raise orphans: The typical orphan requires feeding of a special formula, mixed to be as close as possible to their mother’s milk. They are fed between two and six times a day!! As they grow, they are weaned to solid food, a diet which matches that particular species’ nutritional requirements.
  • bullet We build and maintain cages, which must constantly be done.
  • bullet Return the animals to the wild When the animals are grown and show that they are capable of taking care of themselves, they are returned to the wild.
  • bullet Give them a permanent home In the cases where an animal cannot take care of themselves and is not stressed by being in captivity, we can sometimes provide them with a permanent home. On rare occasions, usually in cases of severe injury, the best we can give them is humane euthanasia. This is only done after careful consideration and as a last resort.

See “Wish List” to the left on how to help us, and read about how to help us by getting big companies to give us donations.  Without you sending us a dime!