Welcome to Wildlife Rehabilitation of Daytona Beach, Inc. ! 

Wildlife Rehabilitation of Daytona Beach, Inc. takes in orphaned and injured native Florida wildlife with the goal of returning each animal to the wild.  We take in hundreds of animals each year. We provide food, housing and medical care. We are currently a home-based rehab group and have been rehabbing since 1991. At any given time, we have at least 50-100  animals in care. We are a private, non-profit corporation currently awaiting 501(c)3 approval. Donations made in 2004 were tax-deductible and we expect they will be in 2005 as well. 

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These are some of the animals that have come through our doors. Clockwise from top left they are: Felix the red fox, Ariel the river otter, April the raccoon with the broken leg, and Ollie Opossum. 

How you can help us help the animals:

Help  us without sending us a dime by shopping at your favorite store  through iGive. They partner with online merchants like Best Buy, Drugstore.com, iTunes, Overstock, PETCO, Travelocity, and many more to donate a percentage of your purchase to Wildlife Rehab of Daytona Beach, Inc. Sign up by clicking the link below:


Look at our wish list and see if you can help provide those items.


Use Paypal to donate quickly and easily now. Whatever you can spare would help, even $5 will feed a dozen squirrels for a couple weeks. Thanks!

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