A few of our many teenage raccoons enjoying the top shelf of their new big cage!

This is how big a baby raccoon is at one week. He doesn’t even have stripes on his tail yet!

This is Sasha. Have you ever seen a more pathetic squirrel? She was found in a park with 4 broken legs. Our vet had to order special casting material that she couldn’t chew off! She is fully recovered now and jumps around like nothing ever happened.

This gray fox is one of several we’ve had over the past couple years. We have two types of fox in this area, gray and red. The gray fox are more like cats and the red fox are more closely related to dogs. Both have red and gray markings, so depending on what age they are, they can be hard to tell apart.

This is another one of the free-tailed bats we raised this year. They suck milk from sponges they latch onto until they can eat mealworms on their own. You can see how small he is compared to the quarter next to him!