How to take care of a Dog

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You must learn about the nature of dogs and their regular routine before bringing a dog into your family. You must be capable of dealing with his mental and physical needs. This means providing a strong shelter, clean drinking water, nutritious food and opportunity to live in a secure home.


You must also provide him ample play time so that he may do plenty of exercises to stay happy and healthy. Dog ownership is not a child’s play. In fact, you need to be responsible for your dog’s health, this will create a perfect bond of trust and love between you.

Feeding the Dog

You must provide good quality for your dog to prevent him from any kind of disease and make him look healthy. You may ask the veterinarian to suggest a healthy diet for your dog. Build a habit of feeding your dog on a regular schedule, it will help him grow fast.

An excessive amount of human food may cause damage to your dog’s health.

Dog’s health

You must be engaged with a good and reliable veterinarian because dog’s health should be your utmost priority. Proper vaccination is important to make sure that your dog stay’s secure from any kind of potential diseases.

Fitting your dog with an Id chip is a way registering your dog with your contact details so that you may find him easily if someone steals him or if he gets lost. Take out a pet insurance policy if you think that affording the cost of veterinary will be difficult for you.

Grooming the dog

You must brush your dog on regular basis to make him look nice. Depending on the dog’s breed the brushing frequency will vary widely. It also gives you the opportunity to assess the condition of your dog’s body.

Some secondary skin infections may be caused due to the dirty coats, therefore, consider cleaning your dog’s coat regularly.

Trim your dog’s nail regularly to keep his paws healthy, even if it appears to be difficult to you.…