Mold is harmful for your wild animals you keep as pets

Mold can be extremely dangerous for your pets as they’re weaker than humans. Usually, the signs of mold exposure start appearing in the pets before humans. But sometimes the situation gets a little bit complicated because you don’t experience any signs of the mold until it gets too late.

Mold symptoms in the pets can vary depending on the type of the mold exposure and the type of the pet.

Mold is not good for your health at all, however, some mold is toxic. Whatever the type is, all kind of mold is harmful to your health and your pet’s health.


Coughing and sneezing a lot, licking themselves a lot, nose and eye discharge, heavy breathing, scratching, lethargy, not eating, depression, skin issues, anxiety, seizures, scales on the skin, nosebleeds are some of the common symptoms that appear in pets due to mold.

Many times, they suffer from the same symptoms as humans do. How would you protect your pet if you find these symptoms in them? Protecting the pets from the mold is no different than humans.


Develop a habit of testing your home on regular intervals particularly when you experience the signs of mold in yourself or in your pets. You must take steps as soon as you can. There are several mold test kits available in the market that you can use to analyze your location.

If you’re a resident of Fort Lauderdale, you must contact the mold removal to help you get rid of this issue. There is no difference in the mold tests but the quality and what they test for differs. And you have to pay $40 or higher fee to have the sample analyzed.


Antibiotics and blood transfusion may be involved in the treatment to fight secondary infections. Your vet will monitor the liver function by repeating the blood tests. Rest is really important for the pet as it is helpful in reducing the bumps and knocks, which could cause bleeding.

Either you should stay away from black mold or get rid of it if you suffer from it. You must immediately seek medical help for yourself too if you find that your pet is suffering from black mold.

The mold may cause many harmful effects to your pet and it might get difficult for you to get rid of the problems if you don’t take any action at the right time. Just like many other harmful diseases, mold needs to be treated immediately.

A professional and experienced vet can help you find the perfect solution to help your pet get rid of the mold. Pets are very important part of our life, so you don’t need to put their life at risk due to your own carelessness.

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